Refocus Congress

Congress is out of control. The Radical Left is using the power of Congress to overturn the 2016 election because they hate President Trump. And while they waste time and money forcing impeachment, they refuse to secure our border and get the government out of the way to allow the Texas economy to thrive.

Secure The Border

Congress’ utter failure to fix the crisis at the southern border is a mark against the entire institution. In Congress, Elianor will fight with President Trump to build the wall on the southern border, increase border security, reform legal immigration towards merit, and deport criminal aliens that harm innocent Americans every day.

Keep Taxes Low

As a small businesswoman, Elianor knows that we have to get the government out of our way to ensure that the Texas economy continues to thrive. As a member of the College Station City Council, she fought to protect private property rights and was the only member of council to vote against tax and budget increases.

Reform Broken Healthcare

Obamacare was always designed to put us on the path to socialized medicine, but the radical proposals from the left would destroy the quality of American healthcare and would only hurt low and middle income families. Elianor will fight to restore healthcare freedom for all Americans to allow the healthcare industry to work like a competitive market.

Defend The Constitution

It’s hard to find a part of the Constitution the left likes. They want to abolish everything from free speech to the electoral college. Elianor believes in the Constitution and knows that those willing to defend it are the greatest threat to the entrenched Swamp.

Stand For The Second Amendment

Elianor knows the Second Amendment is the one that protects the rest. In Congress she’ll stand up to liberal gun control schemes that would do nothing to make Americans safer. She believes “shall not be infringed” means what it says.

Protect Unborn Life

Democrats used to claim they wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” Now they want it to be government-funded and allowed until or even after birth. It’s a sickening new low. We must defund Planned Parenthood once and for all and stand up for the most defenseless among us.

Support Texas Families

By geography and spirit, CD-17 represents the heart of Texas. It’s home to two of the nation’s leading institutions of higher education as well as the plentiful energy resources that have made America energy independent. But most importantly, it’s bound by hard-working families united by the very common-sense conservative values that the left seeks to destroy. In Congress, Elianor will vigorously defend Texas families from the Radical Left.

Let Farmers and Ranchers Thrive

CD-17 is home to thousands of Texans who do the hard work to feed this great nation. We have to make sure the federal government stays out of their way as they do their important work. In Congress Elianor will fight to keep big government regulations off of our farmers and ranchers’ backs while also ensuring we have fair trade that doesn’t give other countries an unfair advantage.